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Breutelia allionii
Breutelia chrysea
Breutelia incana
Breutelia inclinata
Breutelia integrifolia
Breutelia karsteniana
Breutelia polygastrica
Breutelia reclinata
Breutelia squarrosa
Breutelia tomentosa
Breutelia trianae
Conostomum pentastichum
Glyphocarpa laevisphaera
Leiomela aristifolia
Leiomela bartramioides
Leiomela deciduifolia
Leiomela ecuadorensis
Leiomela peruviana
Leiomela setifolia
Philonotis andina
Philonotis angulata
Philonotis crassinervia
Philonotis curvata
Philonotis elongata
Philonotis erecta
Philonotis fontana
Philonotis fontanella
Philonotis incana
Philonotis longiseta
Philonotis osculatiana
Philonotis rufiflora
Philonotis sphaericarpa
Philonotis uncinata