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Begonia acerifolia
Begonia aequatorialis
Begonia aeranthos
Begonia botryoides
Begonia buddleiifolia
Begonia compacticaulis
Begonia dodsonii
Begonia dolabrifera
Begonia fischeri
Begonia foliosa
Begonia froebelii
Begonia fuchsiiflora
Begonia geminiflora
Begonia glabra
Begonia guaduensis
Begonia hitchcockii
Begonia holmnielseniana
Begonia holtonis
Begonia longirostris
Begonia maynensis
Begonia microcarpa
Begonia napoensis
Begonia nervidens
Begonia parviflora
Begonia rossmanniae
Begonia semiovata
Begonia sericoneura
Begonia serotina
Begonia sodiroi
Begonia tiliifolia
Begonia tropaeolifolia
Begonia tropaeolifolia var. puberula
Begonia urticae
Begonia valvata
Begonia ynesiae