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Alurnus costalis
Aslamidium flavomaculata
Calligrapha fulvipes
Callispa dimidiatipennis
Cephaloleia dilaticollis
Cephaloleia dimidiaticornis
Cephaloleia elaeidis
Cephaloleia erichsonii
Cephaloleia hnigrum
Cephaloleia lojaensis
Cephaloleia macella
Cephaloleia stevensi
Cephaloleia uniguttata
Charistena ruficollis
Coptocycla sagana
Goniochenia buckleyi
Homalispa coeruleipennis
Homalispa vespertina
Lasiochila gestroi
Neolochmaea dilatipennis
Pentispa beata
Pentispa vittatipennis