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Adelphobates quinquevittatus
Ameerega bilinguis
Ameerega erythromos
Ameerega parvula
Ameerega picta
Colostethus bocagei
Colostethus chocoensis
Colostethus fugax
Colostethus infraguttatus
Colostethus jacobuspetersi
Colostethus maculosus
Colostethus marchesianus
Colostethus pratti
Dendrobates histrionicus
Dendrobates quinquevittatus
Epipedobates anthonyi
Epipedobates erythromos
Epipedobates espinosai
Epipedobates machalilla
Epipedobates parvulus
Hyloxalus anthracinus
Hyloxalus awa
Hyloxalus bocagei
Hyloxalus cevallosi
Hyloxalus chocoensis
Hyloxalus elachyhistus
Hyloxalus fallax
Hyloxalus fuliginosus
Hyloxalus infraguttatus
Hyloxalus maculosus
Hyloxalus marmoreoventris
Hyloxalus peculiaris
Hyloxalus pulchellus
Hyloxalus pumilus
Hyloxalus sauli
Hyloxalus toachi
Hyloxalus vertebralis
Hyloxalus whymperi
Oophaga histrionica
Ranitomeya ventrimaculata