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Anomomorpha lecanorina
Chroodiscus coccineus
Diorygma epiglaucum
Diorygma poitaei
Diploschistes cinereocaesius
Glyphis cicatricosa
Graphina muscicola
Graphina virginea
Graphis caesiella
Graphis mexicana
Helminthocarpon leprevostii
Hemithecium chlorocarpum
Leptotrema wightii
Leucodecton occultum
Myriotrema compunctum
Myriotrema viridialbum
Ocellularia endoperidermica
Ocellularia pichinchensis
Phaeographina chrysocarpa
Phaeographis dendritica
Phaeographis lobata
Redonographa galapagoensis
Sanguinotrema wightii
Schistophoron tenue