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Diphasiastrum thyoides
Diphasium jussiaei
Huperzia arcuata
Huperzia columnaris
Huperzia crassa
Huperzia cumingii
Huperzia espinosana
Huperzia eversa
Huperzia heteroclita
Huperzia lindenii
Huperzia loxensis
Huperzia lucidula
Huperzia phylicifolia
Huperzia reflexa
Huperzia subulata
Huperzia taxifolia
Huperzia tenuis
Huperzia transilla
Huperzia unguiculata
Lycopodiella alopecuroides
Lycopodiella andicola
Lycopodiella cernua
Lycopodiella maniculata
Lycopodium affine
Lycopodium albidum
Lycopodium alopecuroides
Lycopodium attenuatum
Lycopodium brachiatum
Lycopodium cernuum
Lycopodium clavatum
Lycopodium compactum
Lycopodium contiguum
Lycopodium gramineum
Lycopodium jamesonii
Lycopodium pichinchense
Lycopodium rosenstockianum
Lycopodium sarmentosum
Lycopodium sodiroanum
Lycopodium tetragonum
Lycopodium thyoides
Lycopodium urbanii
Lycopodium vestitum
Palhinhaea cernua
Palhinhaea descendens
Phlegmariurus attenuatus
Phlegmariurus callitrichifolius
Phlegmariurus compactus
Phlegmariurus crassus
Phlegmariurus eversus
Phlegmariurus hartwegianus
Phlegmariurus hastatus
Phlegmariurus heteroclitus
Phlegmariurus hypogaeus
Phlegmariurus lindenii
Phlegmariurus sellifolius
Phlegmariurus tenuis
Phlegmariurus transilla
Phlegmariurus unguiculatus
Phlegmariurus wilsonii
Urostachys bonae-voluntatis
Urostachys capellae
Urostachys cassandrae
Urostachys cumingii
Urostachys hystrix
Urostachys kuesteri
Urostachys mandiocanus var. filifolius
Urostachys poseidonis
Urostachys wohlberedtii