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Adelphia hiraea
Amorimia kariniana
Banisteria quitensis
Banisteriopsis caapi
Banisteriopsis muricata
Byrsonima homeieri
Byrsonima ligustrifolia
Diplopterys cabrerana
Ectopopterys soejartoi
Hiraea ecuadorensis
Hiraea pachypoda
Hiraea perplexa
Hiraea valida
Malpighia emarginata
Mascagnia aequatorialis
Mascagnia dissimilis
Mascagnia haenkeana
Mezia tomentosa
Stigmaphyllon alternans
Stigmaphyllon bogotense
Stigmaphyllon cardiophyllum
Stigmaphyllon eggersii
Stigmaphyllon ellipticum
Stigmaphyllon sinuatum
Tetrapterys discolor