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Calathea anderssonii
Calathea anulque
Calathea chimboracensis
Calathea cofaniorum
Calathea congesta
Calathea contrafenestra
Calathea crotalifera
Calathea dodsonii
Calathea ischnosiphonoides
Calathea lanicaulis
Calathea latifolia
Calathea latrinotecta
Calathea lehmannii
Calathea libbyana
Calathea lutea
Calathea marantifolia
Calathea metallica
Calathea neillii
Calathea pachystachya
Calathea paucifolia
Calathea petersenii
Calathea roseobracteata
Calathea selbyana
Calathea shishicoensis
Calathea timothei
Calathea tinalandia
Calathea utilis
Ctenanthe amphiandina
Goeppertia ecuadoriana
Goeppertia libbyana
Goeppertia metallica
Goeppertia pachystachya
Goeppertia veitchiana
Maranta gibba
Monotagma rudanii
Thalia geniculata