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Epilobium assurgens
Epilobium denticulatum
Fuchsia ampliata
Fuchsia apiculata
Fuchsia ayavacensis
Fuchsia campii
Fuchsia cinerea
Fuchsia corollata
Fuchsia corymbiflora
Fuchsia dependens
Fuchsia glaberrima
Fuchsia harlingii
Fuchsia hitchcockii
Fuchsia hypoleuca
Fuchsia insignis
Fuchsia lehmannii
Fuchsia loxensis
Fuchsia macrostigma
Fuchsia orientalis
Fuchsia pallescens
Fuchsia polyantha
Fuchsia putumayensis
Fuchsia scabriuscula
Fuchsia sessilifolia
Fuchsia steyermarkii
Fuchsia sylvatica
Fuchsia vulcanica
Ludwigia affinis
Ludwigia decurrens
Ludwigia erecta
Ludwigia grandiflora
Ludwigia helminthorrhiza
Ludwigia hyssopifolia
Ludwigia leptocarpa
Ludwigia octovalvis
Ludwigia octovalvis subsp. octovalvis
Ludwigia ovalis
Ludwigia peruviana
Oenothera epilobiifolia
Oenothera fusiformis
Oenothera laciniata
Oenothera multicaulis
Oenothera pubescens
Oenothera rosea
Oenothera sandiana