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Boehmeria bullata
Boehmeria caudata
Boehmeria celtidifolia
Boehmeria pavonii
Boehmeria ulmifolia
Cecropia angustifolia
Cecropia bullata
Cecropia gabrielis
Cecropia herthae
Cecropia litoralis
Cecropia membranacea
Cecropia monostachya
Cecropia obtusifolia
Cecropia putumayonis
Cecropia reticulata
Cecropia sciadophylla
Cecropia telenitida
Cecropia virgusa
Coussapoa cinnamomifolia
Coussapoa contorta
Coussapoa eggersii
Coussapoa jatun-sachensis
Coussapoa lehmannii
Coussapoa rotunda
Coussapoa vannifolia
Coussapoa villosa
Hemistylus boehmerioides
Laportea aestuans
Myriocarpa cordifolia
Myriocarpa stipitata
Parietaria debilis
Phenax hirtus
Phenax sonneratii
Pilea arguta
Pilea centradenioides
Pilea costaricensis
Pilea fallax
Pilea filicina
Pilea flexuosa
Pilea hitchcockii
Pilea imparifolia
Pilea involucrata
Pilea jamesoniana
Pilea microphylla
Pilea multiflora
Pilea myriophylla
Pilea pubescens
Pilea puracensis
Pilea selbyanorum
Pilea serpyllacea
Pilea serratifolia
Pilea thymifolia
Pilea trichosanthes
Pourouma bicolor
Pourouma bicolor subsp. scobina
Pourouma floccosa
Pourouma napoensis
Pourouma petiolulata
Pourouma phaeotricha
Pouzolzia obliqua
Pouzolzia parasitica
Urera baccifera
Urera caracasana
Urera elata
Urera laciniata
Urera simplex
Urtica echinata
Urtica flabellata
Urtica leptophylla
Urtica magellanica
Urtica urens